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Responding to Community Need

Beginning with hospitals

In November 1921, Lord Mayor John Swanson formed a special Hospital Committee after he saw the metropolitan hospitals were experiencing difficulties in raising funds for maintenance and received little Government assistance.

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Supporting Charities

After more than 50 years of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation providing most of its financial support to metropolitan hospitals, an important policy decision was made in 1969 by the Foundation’s Council.

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Community Crisis

Responding to disasters.

Throughout its history, the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has responded to assist the community in times of crises caused by natural disasters.

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Responding to migration

Changing demographic and migration:In 1945 the Government launched the first ‘Migration Program’ intended to increase Australia’s population after World War II. Australia reached agreements with Britain and other European countries and with the International Refugee Organization to encourage migration, including displaced people from war-torn Europe. Increased migration post World War II and returning war veterans put extra pressure on the health system and consequently on the Fund.

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